Sunday, 25 May 2014

sunday synopsis

sunday again? already? it's weird for me to realise time's still passing as quickly as ever because most days this week i've spent lazing around hoping for time to pass just that little bit quicker because i've got absolutely zero responsibilities/deadlines at the minute. i've been using my time to exercise, doodle, browse the internet and lay on my bed vacantly wondering what else i can do to occupy my time because my housemate's been at home and i've been home alone with no one to laze around watching a disgusting amount of films with (it's just not the same when you do it on your own.)

on the bright side, next week sees the opening of the end of year exhibition, so if all else fails i'll be able to have a wander around there every day and pretend like i'm there because it's endlessly fascinating, not because i'm mindlessly bored... that said, i did love having a good mooch around last year's exhibition, so i can't see it being any different this year! plus there's the extra bit of fuzziness i'll no doubt feel when i lay eyes on my own banner. i feel like a mother waiting to give birth, just anticipating the moment i get to clap eyes on my baby... okay, perhaps not, but it's exciting for me nonetheless!

my plans for the rest of the day involve heading out in the rain for coffee because i just needed an excuse to get dressed, do my make up and leave the house. at least when i'm home for the summer my ticket out of the house comes in the form of a small, fuzzy, sassy little miss who goes by the name of ziggy.

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