Saturday, 24 May 2014

saturday scribbles

i know, i know, i'm terrible. i'm well aware that the majority seem to actively oppose alliteration, but little old me just can't get enough of it. i'm not entirely sure, but it's simple and can be silly and it communicates on a level that i'm happy with an- yeah, i'm gonna stop. rambles aside, it's the introduction of a new weekly post here on my blog: saturday scribbles!

now i've done with uni for the year, i'll be moving back home and attempting to stay as inspired, motivated and claw-handed as possible, so i thought a feature on my blog ought to be encouragement enough for me to not get lazy and let creativity take a back seat throughout the summer, because if it did, i'd have to clock in to let you know about it, uh oh! whether it's one doodle or a dozen, i'll be sharing whatever it is i've been scribbling throughout the previous week to ensure my creative juices keep on keepin' on. plus it helps to incorporate a little more illustration work into my blog, which can only ever be a good thing (in my eyes, at least.)

okay, so! this week i've been doodling new blog design plans and an abundance of doggies. i've wanted to revamp my blog for a while now just because it's generally a fun project and i think it's helpful to keep my blog style up-to-date with my illustrative style, so i figured summer's the perfect time to jump right in. i've also been working (very slowly, may i add) on an a-z of lots of doggies. a-z illustration projects are very popular, however i'm not surprised because it gives you a wide range of things to draw; even within a single species there are so many variations! even though it's been done over and over again, i think it's a fun mini project that really helps you to develop your visual language and clearly set aside your work from that of others.

and there we have it, there are my offerings from the previous week! i hope you'll jump on board with this feature and enjoy the little peeks into my sketchbook that i'll now be sharing.


  1. I love the dogs, you are so talented!


  2. Hope your time off! I'm hoping to give my blog a bit of a redesign once I'm finished with college too- just needs a freshening up and I feel the header doesn't work well any more! Loving your A-Z dogs too! Is that something that you're thinking of turning into a zine/artwork or something once your finished?
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. ooh, i'll have to keep an eye out for your revamp then! and i was thinking of the a-z perhaps becoming a poster of some sort? not sure i'd actually get around to having it printed, but that was the format i was thinking of working with :) x