Thursday, 12 June 2014

free eyeko eyeliner in july's glamour

in yesterday's post i mentioned that i'd been eyeing up some eyeko products, and as though it was fate, the lovely robyn from fashion taxidermy posted on instagram about how this month's issue of glamour came with a free eyeko eyeliner. considering this eyeliner is £12 to buy direct from eyeko, i thought it'd have been beyond foolish of me to not pick myself a copy of glamour up for just £2, so off i went to my local newsagents and scoured the copies fervorously to make sure i picked up a black eyeliner rather than a navy blue.

from my research, i can gather that eyeko are indeed cruelty free and also suitable for vegans. they certify this on their website, and mybeautybunny has also vouched for them, so i'll undoubtedly be very excitedly trying this product out soon!

i just thought i'd nip by to let you all know just in case you were wanting to try the product out without having to commit to the normally hefty price tag. happy news agent scouring!

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