Wednesday, 11 June 2014

waterproof eye makeup on a budget

primark waterproof mascara: £2 | collection waterproof fast stroke eyeliner: £2.99

for a while now i've been on the lookout for suitable waterproof eye makeup because, quite frankly, i'm sick of the sight of tiny dogs leaving me with alice cooper inspired eye makeup (i.e. black all over the bloody place.) what i mean by that is that i wanted to be able to go the day with perhaps a little bit of a runny eye and my makeup still remain in tact, so off i set on my quest to find a suitable waterproof mascara and eyeliner, as my everyday makeup more often than not incorporates dramatic lashes and a winged eye.

now, if you know me, i'm one hell of a cheapskate, so obviously i wasn't going to be splashing out on any fancy high end makeup that would probably do the job but set me back an awful lot, so i started in my beloved drugstores and online. over the last few months i've tried all sorts of products from elf, collection, primark, soap and glory and pixi, and surprisingly the products that have done the best job for me were two of the cheapest: primark's mascara and collection's eyeliner.

first up: primark's mascara. for £2 i really wasn't expecting all that much, which meant that afterwards i was just all the more impressed by it. it gives length, definition, volume and is waterproof, so for £2 you really can't sniff at it! in terms of its waterproofness (is that a word? who cares, you get the gist) it definitely works as it doesn't run throughout the day, and it's something of a pain to take off at night! i normally need to go over my eyes several times before all traces of the mascara is gone, and my god do i need to as any remaining product irritates my eyes to no end. all that said, of course the product does have its downfalls. the formula can often become a little clumpy, so when pulling the wand from the tube you have to give it a good ol' run along the top of the tube to get rid of the extra product, but as long as you're careful with the wand, the product's fantastic – a tiny compromise for such a tiny price tag!

onto collection's eyeliner: i must admit, i have a complete love/hate relationship with this product. i remember finding the product really hard to work with for a week or so after purchase as the nib was still a bit stiff and wouldn't distribute the product evenly, but once i'd softened it up a bit it was fine and the product was gliding perfectly onto my eyelids. the weartime of the product is good, but not perfect as it does begin to flake and fade slightly through the day. however, in comparison to other felt tip liners that i've tried, it's definitely one-upping them as it doesn't actually run and leave a load of black around your lids and under your eye, it just becomes a little less black, which i'm sure is probably a preferable option for most of you winged eyeliner lovers out there.

now, to shame myself on the internet, i'd like to point out that the weartime of the products together is impressive for a combined price tag of £4.99, as i've slept in them and worked out in them before and they've never transferred or ran, just simply flaked a bit, leaving my eyes looking a little lack lustre, however not a completely 'i spent the night at someone else's and now i'm making my way home' kind of mess. you get me? i do hope so!

to conclude: these products do the job. they're far from fantastic, but for £5 for the two of them i don't think you can really expect them to be. if you're easily pleased and like to go easy on your bank account, i'd recommend giving these a go, and even if you're not all that impressed, does it matter all that much for a fiver? i have been eyeing up some eyeko products recently as they promise a waterproof finish and no animal testing, however the issue still lies in whether or not i can part with £10+ for a mascara and eyeliner. watch this space...

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