Sunday, 8 June 2014

sunday synopsis

evening! a very smiley sunday edition today from me as i'm currently sat on my bed in the hallmark house eagerly anticipating the start of my two week placement tomorrow! i'm currently house sharing with two very lovely scottish girls who made me feel a little embarrassed about complaining about my one hour journey here when between them it took them eight, but we've had an evening together with a chat over a cup of tea and it's been a lovely warm welcome into the house and i'm looking forward to the next two weeks ahead.

i've got a couple of my usual beauty posts lined up over the next couple of weeks and i have brought my camera along with me, however i can't promise much for updates throughout the week. that said, i will try my best to post wherever it's appropriate! i'll also be keeping up with my saturday and sunday posts, so i think i can let myself off with three posts a week for the next couple anyway. hopefully this time next week i'll have something a little bit more interesting to share with you, but until then, goodbye!

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