Sunday, 20 July 2014

sunday synopsis

ok, so i'd like to begin by apologising for missing my saturday scribbles post yesterday. a friend from uni has been staying with me this weekend, so between catch ups, film watch binging and plans of what to do when a storm hits, my blog really wasn't at the front of my mind – sorry! i'm only sat typing this now because she's currently still snoozing away upstairs, tut tut.

this week i've been mostly having fun playing around with clay. i haven't managed to make all that much yet because i've been getting used to working with the stuff, learning how to best create the shapes and various bits and bobs i'm interested in, and after a long play around with moulding, painting and glossing, i think i'm finally a bit more educating in clay playing to be finally making some proper stuff, yippee! the only downside to the clay is the fact that it normally needs overnight to dry properly before i can slap on a coat of paint. i have read that baking them can speed it up, but because my clay is of an air drying nature it can crack the clay, and well, when i've spent an hour or so moulding something, i don't want all my hard work ruined, y'know?

i'm currently playing around with some charms that i think will look sweet as little necklaces (heh heh), so hopefully next week i'll be on my blog game with lots of saturday scribbles to share with you all because i think making's pretty much what i'm going to dedicate next week to.

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