Monday, 13 October 2014

electric together

 fedora: depop
crop top: topshop
choker: lilac edge
necklace: primark
jacket: ebay
belt: primark
jeans: primark
boots: primark

when the going gets tough, i'm finding it's pretty easy to still maintain a more personal style focussed blog, probably because i have to throw clothes on at least four days a week and half an hour is easy to find to snap and edit pictures and throw together a paragraph or two about whatever's relevant on the day. i've felt a bit disconnected from my blog, work and the internet in general lately due to freshers and now my dissertation work, and i'm getting to a point where it's beginning to bother me. i want to be creating and writing interesting things, but i'm struggling to find the time to do so when books take hours to read and gathering and analysing information, quotes and references ends up taking days at a time, which ends in me feeling too exhausted by the end of every day to even want to think about blogging/drawing. meh, third year, right?

whiny excuses aside, i headed out in this ensemble last friday and i've never felt more like i was trying to look like a blogger. ripped jeans are everywhere at the minute, and when i spotted these in primark i was too curious to not try them on, and after a bit of deliberation i decided that i loved them. i ended up grabbing a size up and although they're far too big around the waist and can only be worn with a belt, they fit like a dream on my legs because i prefer a little bit more room and less of a skinny look. when teamed up with some chunky boots and a fedora i definitely felt like i was ticking all the relevant 'fashion blogger' boxes. i don't know if i found the whole thing more funny or sad, but i felt good regardless and i'm sure that's probably the most important thing!


  1. I adore this outfit - and your blog's layout is perfect, by the way. X

  2. This outfit is gorgeous! And these boots are perfect for the weather :) would love it if you could follow my blog and leave a comment beaut!

  3. Replies
    1. ah you're always so kind with your comments georgina, thanks again!