Wednesday, 15 October 2014

keeping your makeup on your face

as you've probably guessed from my oh so eloquently worded title, today i'm going to talk to you about the importance of a primer and setting mist when it comes to making your makeup stay put for the duration of the day. 

it probably makes sense to talk you through the products in chronological order of application, so first up is this gosh primer that i've been using since the beginning of the summer. the product itself is of a nice, light consistency that applies easily and smoothly, leaving your face mattified and feeling a lot more smooth and perfected to touch. it's not often i skip primer when slapping on a full face of makeup, but on the days where i have done due to forgetting i've definitely known about it; without the smooth base the primer creates, i've found that foundation and concealer just don't work into the skin as well as they should. blending them in takes much longer, and i find that concealer in particular is much more drying and tends to flake more around my nose when i don't first apply a primer. i've found primer to come in handy on days where i don't want to wear makeup too as applying a little bit helps to reduce the oiliness of my skin and keep my face looking matte and fresh all day rather than a big ol' oily mess. 

as well as primer making makeup application much easier, it also helps with the longevity of your makeup. when i haven't worn a primer, i've noticed that my base tends to rub off in patches and it becomes really bloody obvious where i have and haven't got makeup left on my face, yet when i wear it it seems to sit perfectly in place all day, and while my makeup may wear off a little throughout the day, it seems to wear off somewhat evenly as i'm not left with horrible patches that highlight where the makeup has rubbed off. altogether i find that a primer helps to maintain an even distribution of product all over your face rather than allowing it to collect in places, and i'm all for an even, more natural looking coverage. 

moving onto the makeup mist and set, and i'll be honest, i don't find this to be as vital as a primer for keeping your makeup in place, but i've found that it's a nice finishing touch to end your makeup routine on regardless. this elf mist is odourless and non-sticky and it feels like you're spritzing your face with water, but obviously it has the added benefits as mentioned on the packaging. while i don't think this setting mist alone keeps my makeup on my face all day, it does help to tackle the oiliness of my skin as when i've missed this step i've noticed a bit of shine on my forehead and cheeks forming throughout the day. it's probably because a spritz of this after applying your makeup helps to form a seal that mattifies your entire face, making it less likely for the oil to work its way through your layer of makeup, but i really am in no position of expertise to be making such bold claims, i can just tell you that it definitely works for me. 

i've never branched out into more expensive setting mists or primers so i couldn't compare these to any high end rivals, but i think the fact that i've never felt that i needed to says enough about the quality of these products; at the end of the day, if it ain't broken, why try to fix it?

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  1. Thank you for this - I always struggle with maintaining a good state of make-up as I always have to cycle through the rain and fog et cetera. :-( X