Sunday, 21 December 2014

sunday synopsis

some sundays i find myself staring at my sunday synopsis picture with absolutely no idea of what to write. today is one of those days, so we'll just see where my mind wanders to while typing out the rest of this post. 

i've pretty much spent the last week sifting through my mountain of university work, broken up by a midweek trip to meadowhall with my mum and a day out today with my dad. during my trip to meadowhall i made a visit to the apple store to finally get my lock button fixed because it's an eligible model, however after sitting around for twenty minutes i was turned away because for some reason their docks they use to test the phones before sending them off wasn't registering that my phone was connected. strange. i've visited a couple of apple stores now with problems my phone's been having and none of the 'geniuses' seem to have been able to diagnose my issues, which is pretty fucking useless. i'm currently debating whether my next mobile phone will be an apple one, and hoping that my macbook holds out until i need to replace it because lord knows i'd be lost without the bloody thing. all in all, apple really piss me off. i had to remind myself while in the shop that my issues with apple aren't due to faults of the employees, but rather the people sat at the top on their money bags. it's hard to walk away pretending to be thankful for their fucking useless service when you know the billions they dodge in tax each year would pay for all their customers a new phone when their old one had packed in, but what can you do? grit your teeth and walk off angrily, protesting to throw money their way no more it seems. 

apple rants aside, today i'm feeling hugely guilty about the work i've not done today and am thinking about a game plan for up until wednesday so i can look at giving myself christmas day off, but it's not looking likely seeing as i'm off out again with my dad tomorrow (it's hard to pass up time together when he's visiting the country as he lives in germany.) all this work worry has got me thinking that once i've graduated, a 9 - 5 job of some sort is what i need. i feel like the routine and the stability is what i'll need as a new graduate, because the freedom (or just lack of work) as a freelancer i feel wouldn't be good for me as an insecure, inexperienced graduate whose main priority is probably just gonna be paying the bills. for ages i thought freelance was definitely for me, but over the past year i've changed my attitude completely, and i'm wondering if my work experience at hallmark contributed to that at all. i feel like i want to work amongst other creative, intelligent folk who can inspire and motivate me, but also because i want to befriend a bunch of people in real life who're into the same things that i am. being on twitter/instagram/etc. and connecting with other creatives is nice, but i think what i need is people close by who i can interact with face to face about the things we love; i'm desperate to meet some likeminded people! it's funny, i never considered myself much of a social person, but now i feel that i thrive off of it, and it shows with how much more time i've spent in the university studios as a third year as opposed to first and second. funny how things change, eh? 

from cluelessness to capitalist rants to personal reflections; it does amaze me sometimes the turns my sunday synopses take. 

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  1. Loved this post - genuinely love hearing little insights into other people's lives.. :)
    I'm currently in the same workload stage as you are - I know I'm crazily busy between Christmas and New Year so won't do any work then so I'm trying to motivate myself to do work now but that's just going terribly :( Hope your efforts are better than mine!
    I agree with what you said about Apple but I just couldn't imagine myself with any other phone, you get SO used to it y'know... But there are many other incredible phones out there - I'd take the plunge if I were you,

    Love, Lucy