Saturday, 20 December 2014

saturday scribbles

as of today there's only five days left of #illo_advent, which means that there's now only four days left until christmas day – crazy! i can't believe christmas day's almost here, i can't believe how quickly the last twenty days have passed, and i also can't believe that i've managed to scrape together twenty christmas puns, even if some are somewhat questionable! when i set out on this massive illustrated christmas pun endeavour i don't think i anticipated just how many twenty five was, so i'm pretty impressed with what i've managed. i'm at a point now where i've scraped my reserve bank dry and daily i'm floundering at around 11pm to try and think of and illustrate a pun before the clock strikes 12, and so far i've managed it but i'm wondering just when i'll have been bled completely dry and will instead doodle up something suitably festive but much less punny to suffice. 

in other news, this week i finished off complete first drafts of my two inner alice in wonderland illustrations. i've sent them both off for feedback, and i'm hoping that they're pretty much there but will require a few tweaks that can be managed over the course of a few days so i can write them off and crack on with my other book covers as well as my nhs project which i'd so stupidly forgotten about until the coursemate i'm working alongside on the project dropped me a text reminding me of my duties... i've got shit for brains sometimes, i swear. for now i think i'm going to keep my alice in wonderland illustrations to myself and post them up here when they're good to go, but if it'd be of any interest to anyone to see a progress post about the project, detailing initial sketches, character design, compositional ideas and drafting the illustrations, do let me know and it can be arranged! week one of the christmas holidays is officially over, and i think i'm on track for getting my work done to a sufficient standard before heading back up to uni in january. fingers crossed!


  1. I've loved seeing your christmas illustrations on instagram this month, nothing beats a good 'ld pun! You're Alice in Wonderland assignment sounds awesome, can't wait to see it once you're happy with it

  2. You should create phone cases! You know, print cheap ones with your creations and sell them! I think many people'd love to have one of your creations as a phone case.. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Alice in Wonderland creations. X