Sunday, 14 December 2014

saturday scribbles & sunday synopsis

i can't remember the last time my blog was as quiet as it has been this week as i've managed to post absolutely nothing since last sunday, but i feel absolutely no guilt. things have been hectic with uni this term and in all honesty, i haven't really had the desire or time to blog and i think it's definitely shown with the frequency/quality of my posts. i got a new camera for my birthday a few weeks ago, and although i've played around with it briefly, i haven't had the chance to explore all its features properly and take some decent photos, so i'm hoping throughout christmas i might find the chance to do so. 

that said, i still have an assload of work to do throughout my three week christmas holidays. this week has been up and down in that on monday my progress so far was shot down, so i then spent until thursday reworking my drafted spreads when i then received positive feedback and the thumbs up to go ahead turning my drafted illustrations into fully fledged ones, however with friday being our end of term party and saturday being a massive hangover day, i've still yet to start any work on it and intend to get the ball rolling properly tomorrow. if you were wondering, that's in regards to my alice in wonderland project. on top of this, i have my dissertation to revisit and tweak and i also want to completely redo my puffin book cover because i hate the outcome of it although i spent a good month drafting, creating and reworking it, sigh. so, as you can imagine, lots to do!

in other news, i've also slacked with my #illo_advent illustrations this week but i've managed to catch up again today. i spend a lot of time self conscious about my work because i'm not quite sure how consistent it is, but i think this little illustrated challenge is helping me to see that perhaps my work looks more like my own than i may think it does. because i've been drawing different creatures every day, i've been able to see that i tend to tackle characteristics and shapes in similar ways regardless of what it is that i'm drawing, so perhaps i'm starting to find a consistent, natural way of working without really noticing it. what do you think?


  1. Hope things become at least a little less stressful for you during the Christmas Holidays! I really am loving your #illo_advents! I haven't done any yet but I think it will be something I will turn into a 2015 project. I totally think you have a 'style'. The way you draw and the line work are the same in each illustration and all hold the same kind of characteristics too! I for one do not have a style which stresses me out tbh!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Whenever you post your illustrations I feel they have a lot in common and you really have got an own recognisable style! One that I really like, by the way :)
    And I can't publish this comment without (again) declaring my love for your Christmas drawings! I wish I could just grab them from my computer screen and give them to everyone I know for Christmas because they are so amazing :)

  3. Everything you create is so super cute. Wish I were so talented. X

  4. These are so adorable! Really cute drawings xx